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As a lifelong Stockton resident, I have witnessed first hand the explosion of the homelessness crisis in our community. County government can play a crucial role in resolving this problem through existing agencies at the state and local level. 

I support best practices to address the homelessness crisis. As a member of the Stockton City Council I am always working to find the best proven strategies that have worked in other areas of California. Knowing what actually works can make a difference in our community. As San Joaquin County Supervisor, I will work to make positive change that every member of our county deserves. 

1. The homeless community deserves safe and clean places to live and we cannot expect “No Camping” ordinances to work without an alternate option. My plan would include camping sites that are clean, easy to access, and provide storage for personal belongings so individuals do not have to be concerned about their items. These sites will have bathrooms, running water, security, and wraparound services to help break the homeless cycle.

3. Most recently, I have advocated for a navigation center to be built to help expand the homeless shelters in downtown Stockton. These not only provide housing for homeless individuals, but also help downtown Stockton develop into a more clean and safe place, while we continue to work on these types of permanent solutions across the city.

2. I, along with the County Mental Health Department and law enforcement, will create strategic partnerships with local non-profits and faith based organizations to jointly outreach to the folks in need. We can work to track and collect valuable data that will help us in our efforts to continue to address the root causes of the homelessness crisis and help guide our unsheltered population to helpful services in the community. 

4.  Making effective and long lasting change will take help from other local agencies, and well as state level officials to help the individuals who need it the most. Band-aid solutions will not truly make a difference. That is why  I, as a city council member, have helped to secure funding for the expansion of the downtown shelters. The experience working on these projects are invaluable  and will be life-changing for individuals in Stockton. If elected as  County Supervisor, I will hit the ground running to continue these types of projects for San Joaquin County. 


Protecting our families is my top priority. I am committed to working with the Judiciary, Sheriff,
District Attorney and Probation Department to strengthen the criminal justice system in San
Joaquin County. While I strongly support consequences and rehabilitation to end the cycle of
recidivism for criminals, I also believe that we must have services available for the mentally ill to
treat the underlying causes of their behavior and divert them from homelessness and criminal
behavior. San Joaquin County has the highest recidivism rates in California. 75% of convicted
criminals in San Joaquin County will reoffend. We must take steps to ensure that our criminal
justice system is strong and reliable for us to become a healthier community.


San Joaquin County is suffering from a high unemployment rate. We need to attract quality jobs
by encouraging local hiring in public and private sectors.
I have a plan to stimulate economic
growth by cutting bureaucratic red tape and unnecessary regulation to attract new businesses.
I also recognize that we must support working families who are having difficulties with
affordable childcare, and health insurance.


I am a lifelong resident of Stockton. I have worked downtown at my family run small business
since 1989. I was elected twice to the Lincoln Unified School District Board. I was elected to the
City Council in 2011 and then 2018.

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